In August 2011, a new group of first year students enthusiastically joined the Department of Aeronautical Engineering. As everyone says, “aeronautical engineering is very difficult to pursue”, the days became harder and harder when they entered into the main core subjects. It was very hard to cope up with the difficulties that came in front of them because the reference books were having only few of the topics in it, but with vague and complex explanations. One particular student had the habit of finding the notes online needed for the unexplained topics in the reference books. As a result, he ended up finding lots of new notes from various websites. Also, he saw his grades going up gradually with his new way of approach. Soon after that, a thought came up on his mind, “Why don’t we share this with others and help them too?”. To prevent sending a lot of files around, this student made a website and uploaded some of his gathered notes on it. The

was born in 2014.

After he created the, he did not get much time to spend on uploading his complete notes to the website. But after six years the website was started, suddenly he noticed that the website was getting noticed by lot of people all over the world and getting so many messages requesting for various topics. Then, he decided that it’s the perfect time to revamp the website. The content was great, but the design was simply outdated. He gradually learned how to create a website and spent lot of his leisure time to make a design and so the website “” you see here was created!


This website currently contains three main core subjects such as Flight Dynamics, Propulsion 1 and Propulsion 2. The search box and the menu option on the right top corner can be used to navigate through all the courses. New topics will get added periodically. Please don’t forget to share this website with your friends and classmates. Appreciate your feedbacks and comments in the Queries/Comments page. This will help to develop the contents in this website.