What Are The Advantages Of Solid Propellant Rockets?

  1. Simple design (few or no moving parts).
  2. Easy to operate (little preflight checkout).
  3. Ready to operate quickly.
  4. Will not leak, spill, or slosh.
  5. Sometimes less overall weight for low total impulse application.
  6. Can be throttled or stopped and restarted (a few times) if preprogrammed.
  7. Can provide TVC, but at increased complexity.
  8. Can be stored for 5 to 25 years.
  9. Usually, higher overall density; this allows a more compact package, a smaller vehicle (less drag).
  10. Some propellants have nontoxic, clean exhaust gases, but at a performance penalty.
  11. Some grain and case designs can be used with several nozzles.
  12. Thrust termination devices permit control over total impulse.
  13. Ablation and gasification of insulator, nozzle, and liner materials contribute to mass flow and thus to total impulse.
  14. Some tactical missile motors have been produced in large quantities (over 200,000 per year).
  15. Can be designed for recovery, refurbishing, and reuse (Space Shuttle solid rocket motor).

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